Liquid Coating

Liquid coating is a wet paint process that has been used on various substrates for hundreds of years.  Solvent or water-borne paints provide corrosion protection, UV resistance and aesthetic enhancement. Liquid coatings can be applied electrostatically or with a conventional spray gun and can be air dried or cured in a heated environment which results in a more durable finish than air-dried parts.

Liquid coating has certain disadvantages. When compared to powder, it is less durable and less environmentally friendly. Liquid coated parts also can take much longer to cure—sometimes up to two weeks. Even so, many customers opt for liquid coatings because of the advantages below:

Acme operates three liquid coating lines, one of which uses cutting edge robotic technology. We also provide various liquid coating options in our batch production area. Acme is proud to provide liquid coatings for some of the world’s most trusted automotive, industrial, and lighting brands.

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Parts coated by Acme are used by some of the world’s most trusted brands