Case Study


A leading provider of outdoor cooking equipment needed a coater to take over coating and assembly of various grill components when the other coated opted out of the project.

This customer asked Acme to take over the outsourced coatings for one of their product lines after the incumbent coater opted out of the work. Acme had just a few weeks to launch the program, which involved applying a technically challenging metallic powder, obtaining custom packaging, and building a process to assemble five subcomponents into one of the final parts (see photo above). The required volumes were much higher than any parts Acme had previously assembled. In order to launch the program on time, Acme sourced tooling, a conveyor belt, and all the components. Acme also completed numerous test runs in advance of the formal launch of the program to work out numerous kinks and performance issues with the powder. Ultimately, the program was launched on time, and all parts delivered met the customer’s spec. The program continues to run three years later and is a great example of Acme’s willingness to quickly develop custom production partnerships and assembly services.

Impact to the customer:

Customer was able to maintain its build schedule despite the incumbent coater opting out of the program.

More Case Studies

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