Case Study


Acme’s customer, one of the world’s leading providers of lighting solutions, needed a cost-effective solution to coat a high volume part requiring intricate masking.

Acme’s customer, a $4 billion lighting manufacturer, was pursuing a large contract to provide lighting hardware for the redesign of nearly 2,000 stores of a national retailer. The retailer had exacting technical requirements and price sensitivity due to the size of the program. The part in question needed intricate masking. Acme worked with multiple providers of masking in search of a cost effective solution. Ultimately, Acme sought the expertise of one of its corrugated vendors and designed a low-cost reusable die cut cardboard mask that decreased masking time, controlled costs, and ultimately helped the customer win and successfully deliver the project.

Impact to the customer:

Customer was able to win, deliver, and profit from this high profile project.

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