Case Study


A global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems needed a coating that could be applied to plastic parts and withstand years of UV exposure.

This customer approached Acme seeking both a coating and coating process for a line of mission critical electrical components used to arrest surges on utility poles. The parts were being coated by another applicator, but the quality produced was unacceptable. The equipment is exposed to the elements constantly and the customer required a high level of UV resistance. Over the course of a year, Acme worked with paint vendors to develop a liquid coating that would provide the necessary UV resistance. We then developed a unique application process for these parts that overcame the persistent quality issue that had impacted previous painters. We have worked closely with this customer to flex production capacity up significantly from its normal levels as natural disasters around the world have impacted demand for their products.

Impact to the customer:

Customer was able to overcome quality issues and produce parts that met their exacting specs.

More Case Studies

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